Distracting things

17 July 2021

Hello from wherever this weekend finds you. While things are mostly normal in Canberra (this mask pic is from weeks ago), I'm still checking the news non-stop because I think it will somehow help  (it really doesn't!). But today I did see that my age group will be eligible for the vaccine soon, which could be as early as next month. As someone who has worried a lot throughout the whole pandemic and felt nervous about things I'm allowed to do (like going into the office every now and then) I am excited about having a date for leaving some of that behind. 

In the meantime, I've just pulled a batch of malted brownies out of the oven and we're ordering pizza with gorgonzola and mascarpone on it for dinner :) A couple of nice things to share: 

Living on your own in your 20s then 30s.

Ocean Vuong's very moody playlist is perfect for rainy days and winter runs.

An extract from Sally Rooney's new novel. Loved it!

I'm really enjoying and craving exercise atm and always love sampling studios when they go online during lockdowns. I've been working my way through the IGTV classes from Good Vibes in Melbourne and Scout Pilates after hearing about them on Highly Enthused. Their live classes are $12 and they send you the vid after, and it's been a nice way to ease myself into some pilates. It's so much harder than yoga 😜

And a nice idea for anyone sending gifts to Sydney friends and fam - HarvestBites is run by OzHarvest, and they team up with chefs to deliver make-at-home meals, which go on to fund meals for those in need.