Lazy Sunday things

27 June 2021

I've been making beaded mask chains this weekend to bring a little cheer to friends and family in Sydney's lockdown. It's basically an excuse to watch a lot of TV but it's also been a nice change from making only edible things.

I've graduated from trying to run to simply running recently and it feels great! I've been slowly building up to it since March with lots of my encouragement from my brother. I've gone from asking Siri if it's going to rain today (as an excuse not to run!) to organising my run days around any upcoming rain.

I have a very lazy Sunday coming up - baking more backwards bread, making some choc coconut granola, and prepping some care packages for Sydney. 

Here are some good things to share:

Starstruck on iView is a fun weekend watch. Jessie, the main character, is like a low-key version of Ilana from Broad City.

Feel Good is a Netflix show I missed last year that popped up in a Dolly Alderton newsletter. Seems like comedies set in London are my vibe atm. 

Hetty McKinnon's has a one-pot pasta with red wine, sage and walnuts. I love the combo of a one-pot meal with fancy-ish ingredients (wine, butter, cheese!). 

A lovely story about exchanging gifts with a neighbour during the pandemic.

I've been organising some baby presents for workmates lately and one of my new favourite things to gift is this cute and fluffy blanket. They're not too expensive (especially if it's a group pressie), and they get a lot of use as blankets and play mats. 

Take care if you're in Sydney, I'm thinking of you!


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