Four nice things

10 June 2021

I am very excited for the long weekend. Our friends Angie and Dave are visiting, we're going to see an exhibition our friends have on and maybe go to a coffee pop-up on Sunday. Here are four little things that've made the work week nice... including a full biscuit jar for my 3pm snack.  I bought some chocolate dipped digestives, inspired by a novel I've been reading where the character regularly enjoys them with a cup of tea. 

Gravity is a new podcast hosted by Lucy Kalanithi that feels so perfect for this still uncertain time, more than a year into the pandemic. I initially tuned in because Lucy is the twin sister of Jo, from one of my all-time favourite blogs, A Cup of Jo. I loved her interview with her sister and the episode on loneliness, which explained how you can be rich in intimate relationships (a partner, close friends, family) but still need the incidental contact and community of acquaintances. Lucy is a doctor, so brings a really interesting perspective to topics like loneliness and depression. I also recently finished listening to the audiobook of her late husband Paul's memoir, When Breath Becomes Air.

When I'm in the office, I mostly listen to yoga playlists to... block other people out when they're in calls or video meetings. But when I'm home alone and WFH, I need something more energising. My current fave is this Momofuku one from David Chang's podcast, which includes a version of Madonna's Borderline that I've never heard before. Someone in my team would call this very older millennial but I don't care. 

And I made these baked chicken, leek and parmesan meatballs the other night, because I loved the idea of serving them in a baguette with mayo, lettuce and pickled onion. They were really, really good for dinner, late night snacks and a fancy work lunch.

Hope you have a cosy weekend. I hear it's going to be freezing even in Queensland!

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