A new study

03 June 2021

The funniest thing about our new place is that it used to be a serviced apartment. There are a couple of clues around the house like a sticker on the back of the front door, reminding us to take our keys. We also have... a spa bath!

A surprisingly nice thing about this move has been setting up a dedicated study. It feels neat, new and cosy. It's very different to our last place where I was working from a spare/junk room that accidentally became a home office. 

Now that it's winter, I'm making food like Hetty's sweetcorn soup with silken tofu and Julia Turshen's any-fruit cobbler to warm us up. I'm going for chilly walks and runs listening to the same podcasts that still somehow make me teary, week after week. Mostly Modern Love and the opening story to this episode of This American Life. I'm thinking of making a lemon delicious pudding soon. I love sunny yellow food in winter. 

I hope you're doing OK wherever you are but especially if you're in lockdown in Victoria. My team sent Pizza Camp to our workmates caught up in it, which felt like a fun small thing we could do. Also, check out this guy making his own Iced Vovos!


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