Moving in

09 May 2021

Hello, here are a few photos of our new place. We moved in last Monday and have spent the last few weeks packing, unpacking and watching Twin Peaks :) If anything, it's been a huge relief to know where we'll be for the next year. It's even nice to work from a new home office!

My favourite part of the apartment is the balcony, which is huge and has planter boxes around the edges filled with succulents and flowers. It started pouring the night we moved in and the rain has only stopped today, so I hope to get a few sunny afternoons out there before winter kicks in. 

This move I got heavily into our local Buy Nothing group. It was a really efficient way to pass on some things we weren't taking with us, plus I managed to get 85% of our boxes and packing paper for free before passing them on when we'd finished.

Our old place looked tiny by the time we'd finished moving all of our things. I'll definitely remember it as the place that sheltered us from many unexpected things - from the horrific bushfire smoke to those very early days of the pandemic, where watching the news each night in lockdown was frightening. 

It's really nice to be unpacked and settling back into regular life again. I'm making my first loaf of sourdough in the new place and have been cooking again (mostly from Julia Turshen's new book - it's excellent). 

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