A holiday in the mail

18 May 2021

My week was off to a very ordinary start when a surprise package arrived this morning. Inside was a rainbow striped dress and a card from my friend Angie. It was a just-because gift, and somehow exactly what I needed. It's suddenly raisin toast weather in Canberra and it feels nice to be settled in our new place just in time for winter. Here are a few things I've been saving to share, hope you find something to enjoy:

Tony's making carrot and cabbage okonomiyaki for dinner tonight, a Hetty McKinnon special.

This episode of Esther Perel's work podcast helped me understand why WFH has felt so much harder this year. It was such a relief hearing her join the dots of a very disjointed 12-18 months.

On a simpler note, a reminder to choose good things for yourself throughout the day wherever possible.

Very happy to have the Modern Love podcast back for another season.

A cult lip balm that's saving me from putting on the regular stuff every half hour.

Pandora Sykes on letting rigid routines slide.

A foster child's first birthday.

Fascinated by Haley Nahman's Grub Street food diary.

Also James Park's hotel quarantine food diary from South Korea. Wow.

And The Cut's very good episode about anyone on the fence about having kids (guest starring Anna Sale!).

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