Autumn updates

18 April 2021

Aside from one big thing (we're moving apartments!), autumn has mostly been about lovely weekend rituals like trips to the apple orchard or buying dahlias from side-of-the-road stands. And chipping away at our Easter chocolate :) 

There was a lot of life admin this week as we plan our move. We thought we might be looking at rentals for weeks but the day we found out our current place had been sold, Tony found an apartment in my favourite building in Canberra. We signed the lease just this week! While we were both hoping to avoid a move altogether, moving to somewhere we love (with a bath tub and a courtyard with flower boxes) has definitely helped me feel excited about it all. I'm also still working from home most of the time and am very ready (read desperate) for a change of scenery.

I felt like cooking more than usual last weekend and made a care package for a friend with a new baby. There was a kale and mushroom pot pie from Julia Turshen's new cookbook (so delicious!), some chocolate chunk cookies and a jar of red pesto from a recipe coming soon to ABC Everyday.

And for a weekend dessert, I made us some maple roasted apples (I'm going through a Julia Tushen phase) that are served with roasted pecans and ice cream. It tasted just like apple pie filling and meant I didn't have to fuss around with pastry. The apples also went into a dutch baby pancake the next day. So good.

I'm going to miss this view! I've always squeezed moves inbetween days at work but this time, I'm taking a week off so this homebody can truly settle in. Hopefully it'll take some of the stress out of the situation too.

Some other things to share:

This cover of the Hollywood Reporter felt huge to me. It's still so rare to see Asian people on the cover of magazines and as a Minari super fan, I thought the cover story was great too. 

Loving these spring onion oil noodles. I made them late on Saturday night and they tasted as good as takeaway.

And we're watching the original Twin Peaks and loving it. I'm not sure I've seen anything by David Lynch in full.

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