Pasta, pickles and podcasts

06 February 2021

We passed this cute flower stand in Exeter last weekend, during a visit to the Southern Highlands. It was such a lovely trip, we had lunch at Moonacres in Robertson, visited the big potato (!) and stopped into Pecora Dairy to buy some cheese. Tony's mum made the nicest buttermilk chicken and cous cous for dinner and I also visited my uncle's place and admired all his fruit trees. It's super rainy in Canberra this weekend, so I'm going to make poke bowls and watch The White Tiger on Netflix. I am keeping everything crossed for next weekend, when my Sydney fam is coming to visit for Chinese New Year. So looking forward to it - I still have some Christmas pressies to give!

Some things to share: 

I'm listening to The Test Kitchen, a Reply All series about Bon Appetit and systemic racism. 

Hetty McKinnon made a cheese and Vegemite scroll recipe for ABC Everyday and it's super fun!

Highly recommend making Zuni-style pickles. They're super zingy ands so good for pickle and cheddar melts. 

My latest WFH afternoon pick-me-up is Heidi's chocolate oat milk.

I'm really enjoying Lisa Marigliano's new podcast Tough Love, which drops every fortnight. It's about this weird slow-motion pandemic time and also about the big things you think about in your mid thirties - work, family, and having kids.

I made fusilli alla Vodka this week and it was so good. 

And finally, I really liked this interview with chef Roy Choi. He has such an interesting and open outlook on life. I've mostly seen him in Chef show, and have started watching his LA show Broken Bread and am definitely going to hunt down more episodes. 

P.S My tomatoes are ripening! Every morning I go out and see what's ready for picking. It's daggy and nice.

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