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07 December 2020

We went back to Sydney a few weekends ago, to meet a lovely new baby, see my grandmother and so Tony to pick up some prints. It'd been six months since we were last in town - maybe the longest stretch we've ever gone without visiting.  We ended up visiting a bunch of favourite places and two new ones. A highlight was Happyfield, a really cheery diner in Haberfield that serves fluffy pancakes, hash browns and English muffins filled with sausage, egg or bacon. I'd seen it on Alana's Instagram (side note: her pandemic food zine is gorgeous) and we're already planning our return trip. 

I've made a lot of my own long weekends this year and we arrived in town on Friday, just in time for lunch. We went to Cherry Moon, a bakery in Annandale that I'd heard about on Highly Enthused. We'd thought about coming here the morning after my brother's wedding in March but were pretty zonked - plus I was meant to be back in Sydney the following weekend for a hen's! That was the same week that everything shut down, so it's been this funny thing I've been meaning to do since then. 

We stayed in Balmain so I could be in walking distance of my friend but also because it's such a lovely part of Sydney. During uni, I worked as a part-time counter girl at the Adriano Zumbo store on the main street (pre-Masterchef when it was busy but not crazy). So staying in the area was nostalgic. We ate at old favourites - which were as good as I remembered from 15 years ago. We ordered dinner from Teriyaki Boy and ate it in the park and then gelato from Rosso Pomordoro to eat in bed because it'd been a big day.

While we were in town, we dropped off our first Christmas presents, ate cherries with my grandmother and asked her about meeting the Queen (!) and I got to hold one of my oldest friend's new baby after watching the little one do a full body stretch after a nap (is there anything cuter??). And suddenly it's December. 

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