Christmas wish list

04 November 2020


We're going to be hosting Christmas for my family this year, a summer version of our June reunion. I'm planning to make a pavlova and maybe some mini bagels to go with smoked salmon and pickled onions. I'm also going to stash a few boxes of mango Weiss bars in the freezer :) Aside from deciding what we'll eat, I'm excited not to be posting presents this year.  

As is tradition (and a nice distraction from this week), here are a few things on my list. First up... a cookbook! I love the look of Yossy Arefi's Snacking Cakes, which includes recipes like powdered donut cake.

I upgraded my round cake tins earlier this year, before making my brother's wedding cake. It makes a huge difference having a cake tin that's the exact size most recipes call for. Now I'm keen to replace my square and loaf tins with ones that have crisp square edges, rather than rounded ones. 

I rarely wear pants anymore - just trackies and leggings while WFH, so I'm keen for a pair of bike shorts for comfy days at home, walks and trips to the shops.

A pretty hand towel because we're still at home a lot and I'm craving more colour in unexpected places. I'm slowly making the apartment more and more like a hotel :p

A panettone from a favourite Sydney bakery to eat alongside mango on Christmas Eve, and to make into French toast on Boxing Day. Last year I bought a 1kg panettone in Melbourne, which took up a lot of space in my suitcase. 

And a cute little pasta cookbook with plenty of new sauce ideas, because it's still mine and Tony's most favourite food.

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