A very busy October

12 November 2020

It's nice to be back here after a super busy month. We had visitors, weekend road trips and catch ups with Canberra friends every single weekend for the month of October and into November. Plenty of cheese was consumed, birthday candles were blown out and there were some much needed belly laughs too.

I made Rachel's peach and raspberry jelly tart when I knew we'd be having a little person over for dinner. It was a hit with the adults too :) For dinner I made Deborah's perfect meatballs which were fast to prep (I doubled the recipe so I could freeze some), and just left making a simple sauce and reheating the meatballs when our friends arrived. 

Tony and I both had close friends visit on back to back weekends. It raining both weekends, which meant fewer long walks and more cold-weather comfort food (my fave). We ended up booking a table at this pizza cafe in Gundaroo two Sundays in a row because we loved it so much the first time. A guy from our favourite wine shop recommended it and we probably wouldn't have found it otherwise. It's down a little path from the main street in a cosy old barn. They let you order half and half pizzas and serve old school tiramisu for dessert. 

Last weekend we went to Wagga Wagga, where Tony was hosting an artist talk for a print maker he's collaborated with who had an exhibition in the gallery. It was a little surreal to be back - next month will mark 10 years since we moved there (we've been in Canberra for about 5 years now!). We were only in town for two nights but I loved that we could run into most of the people we knew in that time. I miss funny things about Wagga, like a very particular noodle dish at a Thai restaurant that I've never seen anywhere else, which I made sure to eat on the first night.

The highlight was easily seeing some of our favourite people at our friend's place for a pasta night. And hanging out with kids I held as newborns, who are now in primary school. We stopped in Yass on the way home so we could visit Clementine's Bakery. A few years ago we went to their restaurant for a fancy lunch, but they've had to close it due to the pandemic and open a bakery in town instead. We had pastries, sambos and the most delicious chocolate and raspberry mousse tart. I bought some beautiful looking milk buns for the freezer (such a random running theme of this post), and we also went home with eggs from our friends Sophie and Tim's chooks and flowers from Soph's flower farm too!

And now we're back home with very few plans for the weekend :) I've just finished Christmas shopping (gift wrap and all!) and buying pressies for December birthdays, along with a few things for myself. Mainly coloured candles (these ones are cute and not too $$), Kindle books and a novelty cushion. 

Most of the time I can't believe it's November, even though I really want the year to end! It's been tough going through a restructure while working from home (I think they're hard at the best of times) and being a lot more social than usual has really helped take my mind off things.

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