Lovely little things

23 October 2020

Hello! I've been busying myself with nice things like buying mint-chocolate ice creams for the freezer, making dumplings for a friend and ordering Christmas presents. I still lose track of where in the year we are, but hang out for little weekly anchors, like a new episode of a podcast or a favourite newsletter. I hope you've been well. Here are some nice things to share:

This mini-podcast episode called 'Let your pile of small good things grow' got me out of a funk the other week. Now, I write a list of nice things for the day in my journal before I write out my work to-do list. 

Definitely going to make Claire Saffitz's malted 'forever' brownies

Classic spaghetti puttanesca with a dollop of ricotta. 

Death, Sex & Money has been running a week-long audio festival, and it's been a great way to discover new podcasts. This episode broke my heart - some of the interviews are so raw.

I made Dorie Greenspan's lemon-spice visiting cake and it looked just like the picture. I took it to my in-laws place with some seedlings for their garden and coffee pods too. It feels good to see people again.

Chat soon! 


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