Early spring + a wedding anniversary

10 September 2020

How nice is spring? 😭 I'm suddenly spending a lot more time out of the house - going for walks, seeing family and friends. It's felt especially important as I'm coming up to six months of working from home, with no return date in sight. 

I saw my office buddies last Friday for fish burgers and fries in the sun. I can't remember the last time the three of us were together (maybe late Feb?) and it was just so nice to see each other and shoot the breeze. It made me realise how much I miss being able to work things out together, without having to set up a meeting first.

Tony and I had our sixth wedding anniversary on Sunday and decided to book a nice lunch to celebrate. We hadn't been to a restaurant in months, so it felt extra special. We drank orange wine and ate the most delicious burrata with pistachios and blood oranges. And there was a creme caramel for dessert! 

We've been watching Succession lately, and while I'm hooked, some episodes just feel like a lot of talking in offices.

A few other sunny things. Like everyone on Instagram, I rushed out and ordered an iced latte in the first week of spring. It was barely over 20 degrees in Canberra but worth it. I found a cute new place to buy homegrown seedlings and changed over some of my pots for spring. My boss was right, it's really nice to have a hobby on the go! 

And it's strawberry season already 🍓I've been making the roasted strawberries from this recipe (the lemon yoghurt cake is great too!) and serving them alongside a plain dutch baby. And I made this lovely strawberry, rhubarb and almond crumble last weekend. My new daggy ritual is to vaccum the house after I finish work on Friday and make a nice dessert while listening to a podcast or nostalgic playlist. It makes the apartment feel fresh again and puts a bit of distance between work and the weekend. 

P.S You can bake fried rice in the oven and it's really good. Hetty McKinnon's version has all the flavours of instant noodles but feels a lot healthier!


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