Hello weekend

29 August 2020

 I had a nice week! It's been sunny pretty much every day (which always helps) and I've been getting out of the house whenever I can, even if it's just a walk up the street for a loaf of bread in the middle of the work day. 

This weekend I'll be baking a cake (lemon with roasted strawberries) and setting up a bullet journal. I've been curious about it ever since I read this piece in the New Yorker because I am the person with four different note books on the go at any one time. A friend is also going to layout and print a wedding album for us, only six years after our wedding. I'm excited to pick out some favourite photos. Her advice was to choose ones our older selves would enjoy.

Birthday presents are still arriving in the mail, including this knitted prawn my sister-in-law Hannah made. When we visited her and my brother in Sydney very fleetingly in May, I noticed some hanging in the window of their apartment. Up close, it's surprisingly detailed, from the multicoloured wool to the dangling legs.

This week at work felt really busy and a bit sad tbh, with nine people leaving the team. Little after work things like making some cookie dough for the freezer while listening to the Michelle Obama podcast have helped. There were also lots of walks, with Tony and a nice solo walk with the latest ep of Highly Enthused. I bought myself this little bag for walks and grocery runs, because I don't really need a proper handbag at the moment and it's been so light and great.

We've been watching lots of Catastrophe (Stan) this week and it's nice to start a new show that has plenty of seasons :) I'm still making dutch baby pancakes. My latest was a plain version of this ABC Life recipe, served with roasted strawberries and it was excellent! I also wanted to share this week's Life recipe, a warm pasta and roast veggie salad from Heidi. We had it one Sunday afternoon and it was lovely.

Finally, I've been listening to the Rabbit Hole podcast from the NY Times. It's about the internet, algorithms and how they keep us online. The sound design reminds me of RadioLab. It's a pretty intense show, so I listen to it mainly on weekends. It makes me think about some of the darker aspects of being online (even though I love it and work on it), especially having read this piece about a YouTube influencer recently too.

P.S There's a new Sofia Coppola movie coming out in October 🎉

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