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21 July 2020

How are you going this week? I am getting back into work after a few disruptive weeks and it's such a relief to be focussed on making things again. I filmed a food video today, which meant spending most of the morning in our sunny living room and kitchen. It was a small shift from my usual work day routine but a welcome one. I am also ordering face masks, just in case (these are three-layer and not too $$), and going for long evening walks with Tony. It's fresh out there but worth all the layers to be outside and breathe the cold air. I've been saving some things to share:

Jade Zoe's winter playlist for Liminal is poppy and fun. I've been listening to the Japanese cover of Say So on repeat.

One of my favourite columns, Single Women and The Spaces, is back with a lovely tour of a Brooklyn apartment with excellent light and the best plants.

Also in Brooklyn, a little wedding at home.

We recently watched Athlete A on Netflix, a doco about the gymnasts who were abused by Dr Larry Nassar and the reporters who uncovered the story. I hesitated to watch it, knowing it would be chilling, but am very glad I did.

I made my own version of this grain bowl for a weekday lunch. The salad dressing with gochujang, kewpie mayo and soy is genius!

I'm taking a break from sour beers and drinking these smokey colas on weekends instead. Turns out, some nights I just want something fizzy. If you're in Canberra, you can find them at The Essential Ingredient and Blackhearts & Sparrows.

ICYMI: "Please scream inside your heart."

And some excellent ABC Life recipes to share, starting with a vegetarian mushroom miso carbonara. I also love the big flavours of this chicken and cauliflower tray bake that's easy enough for weeknights and fancy enough to serve to friends and family.

Hope you're taking good care.


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