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07 July 2020

Just this week I remembered that morning yoga, a walk (no matter how long/short or what time of day), plus limited time on social media is a recipe for a really nice day. Or a more manageable one at the very least. I've also been reading more, journaling again and planning some upcoming gifts (my most favourite thing).

Despite everything that's going on, I've felt extremely lucky of late. Today I received a parcel from my mum with homemade biscuits and a cute blanket (which happens to be a poncho!). Over the weekend, a thoughtfully chosen audio book popped into my inbox as a gift and my brother sent my favourite burgers round for dinner one night. Life can be very good even when it is a little uncertain. That being said, I am thinking of everyone in Melbourne as lockdown starts again and hope some of the things below can make a challenging time a little more bearable.

To share:

Banana bread just got even better. Julia Ostro did a version for ABC Life with spices, chocolate chunks and a crispy tahini and sugar top. It's going to be my go-to banana bread recipe.

Spike Lee's first film She's Gotta Have It is on Netflix! It was my fave discovery of last week and a really fun watch.

There's a new season of Esther Perel's podcast Where Should We Begin?

Dating Around is back and I've already blitzed my way through the new season. If you've never watched it, it's a Netflix dating show where one person goes on 5 blind dates and gets to choose one 'winner' for a second date. It's extra fun and fast because you don't watch the dates in full - they all take place at the same restaurant so the episode cuts between them.

This is me on a Zoom call.

Alison Roman has restarted her newsletter and it's great. I'm also a fan of Nisha's Internet Tote Bag, which comes out on a Monday and is a very nice way to start the week.

Please keep taking care!


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