Hello weekend

19 June 2020

Hello and happy weekend! It's been the sunniest week in Canberra, which helps me forget it's winter :) I have mainly baking plans for the days ahead, testing a chocolate and tahini banana bread for work and trying to get back into sourdough again after a few dud loaves. And because restrictions continue to ease in Canberra... I have the house to myself tonight for the first time in ages. I'm going to rent a movie and eat cinnamon doughnut ice cream after a long week. Some things to share:

My sister-in-law recommended Breasts and Eggs, a novel by Mieko Kawakami and I finished it this week. If you're a fan of Haruki Murakami's work I think you'll love it too. It surprised me in so many ways and I'm looking forward to seeking out more of her work.

Loved this 30 minute mellow yoga class, which has plenty of time between poses while still being challenging.

A Reckoning at Bon Appetit is a jaw-dropping episode of The Sporkful podcast.

Also excellent, a special episode of The Daily with culture critic Wesley Morris (love him) and Patti LaBelle.

Thursday night is fast becoming soup and baguette night at our place. This week I made this tomato soup (NY Times), and it was nostalgic and delicious!

SBS OnDemand is screening Zach's Ceremony, a doco that follows Sydney teenager Zach Doomadgee as he prepares for his initiation ceremony, a key part of his Indigenous culture. Get in before it expires on June 28!

Check out Hetty McKinnon's spinach dumplings - the pot sticker element is my favourite. It means the dumplings are both crispy and steamed. It's such a fun cooking project and so yummy.

Highly recommend this essay by Carvell Wallace about parenting black teens through protest and pandemic (NY Times). It's beautiful. Via Jenny, whose blog has been keeping me sane in iso!

Slightly obsessed with Chin Chin's cooking videos.

And not so much a recommendation as an idea. I made my workmate a house-warming playlist this week and it was so much fun! It's also a nice way to get around the mail being slow and no less personal.


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