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04 April 2020

What have you been doing on weekends? Last Sunday, I probably cooked a little too much (sourdough, roast veggies for weekday lunches, an apple pie just cos) and felt properly exhausted by 1pm. At first, I was disappointed by how much I'd taken on and then I realised... there were going to be plenty more Sundays at home to have another go. A nice lesson for days - at work or at home - that don't quite go as planned in this unusual period.

The highlight of last Saturday was driving to a flower farm just outside the ACT to pick up some freshly picked dahlias. We were excited to be in the car again and driving somewhere new. The area reminded us so much of Wagga Wagga and its surrounding towns.

I brought an old chickpea can so I could leave some flowers on a friend's doorstep along with some banana bread I made while waiting to video call my brother overseas. It felt really nice to plan something for someone else. There's a lot of worry that comes with the pandemic (words I never thought I'd write), and finding small ways to think about or help others takes some of that panic away. It's good for perspective too.

Food is never far from my mind, which is why I'm donating to local food pantries. In Canberra, there is St John's Care and the Canberra Relief Network. Across the country, Foodbank has chapters in all states and territories.

Last weekend we also started and finished watching Cheer on Netflix, which was extremely captivating, distracting and uplifting. This Friday night it was Crazy Rich Asians, which I really enjoyed on the rewatch. It's still pretty surreal watching a film with an all-Asian cast.

Other good things - the Bon Appetit test kitchen are still making videos, only from home 😭 It's really fun to see the different cooks in their home kitchens. I found the coffee episode especially calming (we also learnt that we haven't been 'blooming' our coffee - we use a pour over).

There are so many good cartoons doing the rounds at the moment, but this one about life at home when all of your plans have been cancelled is my favourite.

Hope you're taking care.



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