Fun stuff for Easter

10 April 2020

Hello! We made it to the Easter long weekend, one of my favourite holidays of the year. We usually spend it at home, cooking, going for walks and often welcoming visitors from Sydney. So this year, things will just be a little different. I sent a bunch of Easter chocolate to my family and friends to help keep things festive and it's been nice seeing them arrive at people's homes! I'm not sure about you but I'm finding the mail extremely exciting these days :) Here are some nice things for your long weekend:

A relaxing playlist, nice for the early evenings and quiet work.

I'm waiting for Tigertail to drop on Netflix, it should be out today or tomorrow. It's a movie by Alan Yang, one of the co-creators of Master of None. I've started rewatching Master of None - it's the perfect funny and familiar show to put on at the end of the day.

This is beautiful - photos and stories of women before they were mothers.

Sugar Calling is a new podcast from Cheryl Strayed, author of Wild, and agony aunt from the Dear Sugar advice column. It's made for right now, and she calls a writer every episode to help make sense of the pandemic. Tony and I listened to the first episode with George Saunders one night after work, and while I'm not familiar with his writing I loved his thoughtful and funny take on this time, which didn't shy away from its grim realities. The second episode features Margaret Atwood!

The ABC's Fran Kelly is another comforting voice at a time like this and I listened to this 14 minute interview/pep talk while assembling an IKEA desk. My screen time has been way up, so it was reassuring to hear that she hit 13 hours in a single day.

I made my YouTube debut demonstrating how to make ABC Life's hot cross bun recipe from Thalia Ho.

Alison Roman's passover dinner video is super fun. I really want to make Matzo ball soup and homemade Ice Magic.

We just finished Unorthodox on Netflix, a four-part series about a Jewish woman who leaves an arranged marriage and flees to Berlin. I couldn't wait to finish work and watch more this week.

One last and lovely thing,  an interview with Ross Gay from the On Being podcast, titled 'Tending Joy and Practicing Delight'. Via Highly Enthused.

Have a lovely Easter at home.


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