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20 March 2020

Hello, I hope you're going OK with everything that's going on. I am trying to check the news occasionally rather than all-the-time and feel best when I'm chatting to friends and family (video chats have been extra fun this week!), going for walks, and reading books rather than being on my phone. I hope you can stick close to home this weekend and find some pockets of calm and relaxation. Here are some good things to share:

The 'A bit of relief' episode of The Daily is short but properly soothing, especially the C.S Lewis reading right at the end. Via Leslie.

I read Quartz's 'Staying In' edition of their newsletter weeks ago and enjoyed it but it feels especially relevant now.

Another article from weeks ago - My ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend is Lady Gaga (NY Times). The headline alone is so great but the piece is a thoughtful reflection on the personal moments and info we share and consume on social media.

Fried arancini balls with salad... yes please!

Ugly Delicious is back on Netflix and I adored the first episode, Kids Menu, which was recommended by a work mate. It follows Dave Chang and his wife Grace as they prepare for the arrival of their first child. I really liked the discussion about work and family and how you might balance the two (or simply accept that your life is changing).

We stumbled upon Louis Theroux's latest series on the ABC one night and watched the polyamory episode. It reminded me that I'm yet to watch his Scientology movie so adding it to our list.

Alison Roman's caramelised shallot pasta (NY Times) is really, really good. I've bought supplies so I can make it again soon.

Speaking of Alison Roman, I was meant to be going to a lunch she was hosting in Melbourne as part of the food festival but like many things, it was cancelled. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she'll be able to return in spring. In the meantime, I've taken her lead and done a free live streamed yoga class from her studio :) SkyTing is doing a free video every day (donations accepted!), with the time difference some of the sessions are 7am AEDT, as the sun is just starting to rise.

Finally, when it comes to reliable coronavirus information, I've been finding Dr Norman Swan's videos for the ABC clear and and to the point. He and ABC health reporter Tegan Taylor also have a daily podcast called the Coronacast in case you'd like the latest on coronavirus but not too much of it (most eps are 10 minutes and under). And this is the only corona-related thing that's made me laugh this week. 



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