Hello weekend

28 February 2020

It's hard to believe the last days of summer are here. Lately the weather has been perfect for after work walks, after work ice cream, little picnics, and bike rides with extremely blue skies. But there were also moments this summer, when it was smoky and we were stuck inside, when I couldn't wait for the season to end. Still, I reckon there's time for one last peach pie before summer is truly done. We have a busy weekend coming up! More wedding cake testing and making, a gig tonight, a birthday party tomorrow, a brunch on Sunday. Here are some nice things to share:

Possibly my favourite ABC Life recipe of all time... a teriyaki chicken sushi bowl (it can be made with salmon too). Sort you marinade in the morning and chuck the chicken in the oven when you get home :)

How cute is Mari Andrew? "You never know when you might meet the love of your life!"

I am so close to buying the Beatrix Bakes cookbook! The Design Files have published a bunch of recipes including salty chocolate caramel bars, cinnamon walnut bundt, chocolate brulee tart and cocoa meringue roulade. Yum!

And a nice playlist to start your mornings (or perk up your afternoons). 


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