Hello weekend

21 February 2020

Hello! I hope you've had a good week or at the very least, a couple of bright moments in an otherwise ordinary one. I was in Melbourne for work, which was busy and rainy and fun. There was just enough time for an early morning Lune croissant run and it pays to go in a group - we got to sample almost all of the offerings. If you get to visit, my faves were the plain and chocolate :) Travel always leaves me a little weary, so I'm looking forward to a sunny and quiet weekend. Tony's making pasta tonight, we have orange wine and we're planning a trip to a regional gallery and my favourite farm shop. To share:

I found this focus notepad at a lovely Melbourne stationary store. I'm only two days in but I've noticed that using it makes me stop and think about what I'm adding to my to do list and where it should go in my day. I am yet to fill the 'Don't do' section...

I'm midway through my first book of essays by Samantha Irby and will definitely read/reserve/borrow more of her writing. Each essay is surprising, funny and pretty eye opening.

A five-ingredient dinner with prawns, feta and tomato.

We watched Parasite on Valentine's Day. I'm so glad I saw it but gosh it gets intense and bloody for a good 15 minutes. My fave follow up read has been this story that explains what the 'Ram-don' noodle dish is (it looked so tasty!).

I really liked this New Yorker piece about work and life and how they can bleed into each other (but probably shouldn't).

For your next rainy night - Nutella bread pudding with blackberries.

P.S I'm making a test wedding cake this weekend, starting with the sprinkle layer. I also want to see how white I can get the icing. Wish me luck!

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