Peach pie, 99c rentals and mini goals

14 January 2020

Mondays are much easier when you know there's a slice of pie in the fridge with your name on it (and ice cream in the freezer). I made a peach pie over the weekend using Sophie Hansen's recipe, which is right at the end of this post. Summer pies are simpler than winter ones, because the filling doesn't need to be cooked beforehand. I reckon I'll make one more before stone fruit season is out.

It is still smokey here in Canberra but we've had a couple of days where the air quality has been safe, which has made everyone feel a little lighter and free. We had a really fun weekend, cooking from The Silver Spoon Classic, a Christmas present from my youngest brother and his fiancee. We had friends round for pie, went back to yoga and watched Long Shot. I read that it was the best underrated rom com of 2019, it also happened to be a 99c rental on Apple. It stars Seth Rogan and Charlize Theron and was super fun - the soundtrack is great too.

I'm also making sourdough again. I made a starter over the holidays using a recipe from the Flour & Stone cookbook and am turning out my best loaves ever. It's so exciting, especially because I've given up in the past when it was time-consuming and unsuccessful. These latest loaves are crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside and quite sour too. I'm using recipes from this American zine and have also made sourdough tortillas and crumpets. At the moment, I'm baking weekly and we're making a thing of eating it fresh. I made a batch of broccoli, lemon and Parmsean soup on Sunday night in preparation for our Monday loaf.

Finally, I'm setting three small goals for each week, something I learnt from doing a 12-week 'reset' journal last year. They're less outcome orientated and more about how I'd like to feel and what I'd like to do during the week. They're kind of like this - only without the daily tasks/reminders. I'm easing myself into the new year :)

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