Little moments of calm

07 January 2020

This morning the air was clear rather than smoky so I ate breakfast with the windows open, reading a few favourite blogs that have returned for 2020. Tony made me a coffee even though he was on his way out, and I munched on a thick slice of peanut butter toast. The previous night we'd stood at the balcony door, watching and listening to the short burst of rain.

Days before, Canberra had been blanketed in heavy smoke that had blown in from Saturday's catastrophic bushfires. The same fires that burned fiercely on New Year's Eve and that have been burning for months. On the high-alert days, we check the news and Twitter constantly, and hold our breath for the people, property and animals in its path and the firefighters on the front. We donate a bit more money to everyone who is helping (here's a handy list if you're keen).

And now, I take distractions wherever they come, whether it's reading a story about a penguin spotted in Tasmania before bed or hosting an impromptu afternoon tea for neighbours, also holed up in their apartments waiting for the bushfire smoke to pass (and trying not to panic). I wanted to share some of them here, be warned, it's a very eclectic mix:

The montage of Tom Hanks films played at the recent Golden Globes is fun and uplifting.

I watched this very funny interview with Alison Roman and became an instant fan of Samantha Irby, the writer from Chicago who interviewed her. Here's a hilarious excerpt from her book.

Rough Night is on Netflix and clever and funny.

And after seeing a million clips on Instagram, I'm planning to watch the Mary Berry baking special with the royals, cos why not.

Please keep safe and take care of those around you. And send me funny animal videos or other things that are making you smile.


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