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20 December 2019

How are you spending the last weekend before Christmas? We have our fourth annual Christmas dinner with Canberra friends, which is one of my favourite end of year rituals. I'm in charge of snacks and there's going to be a chocolate cloud cake :) Other than that, we'll probably decide on our Christmas Day menu, wrap a few last gifts and finally watch Marriage Story.

At the moment it's incredibly smoky in Canberra, which has been the case since for a week or more. It's been scary seeing the bushfire smoke roll in of a night - sometimes completely obscuring buildings and mountains we can normally see from our balcony. It's made me quite anxious as it's not something I've experienced before and because I have asthma. I'm grateful that our house has aircon. I am also incredibly thankful for those fighting the fires on the front line, at RFS headquarters and reporting on the fires too. I woke up this morning and made a small donation to the RFS. It doesn't totally feel like a time to celebrate, but it's also a time where cheerful distractions are very welcome. To that end:

Pretty alternatives to wrapping paper. Side note: wrapping is my favourite part.

Two holiday-themed podcasts I'm excited about - Dispatch to a Friend's Christmas episode (and start of season 3 yay!) and Nigel Slater's Christmas Chronicles.

A fun discovery - iconic Sydney bakery Flour & Stone puts cakes in the post! They're romantically called Gateux de Voyage and different flavours are available each day of the week.

How to spend Christmas alone (plans are key). Via Erin.

Important - don't kneecap your sentences.

Quick chocolate pudding (yum) from Emiko Davies.

Do you follow the Yia Yia next door account on Instagram? The back story is incredible.

Loved this tour of the Canberra apartment 'gumtree built'.

And some food ideas for the summer break, including this big grain salad inspired by one I ate on our drive back from the coast last year. Think pomegranate seeds, big chunks of goat cheese, and loads of fresh herbs. I also wrote this wrap of summer recipes to share featuring some of my fave ABC Life recipes.

Take care this weekend.


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