Hello weekend

16 August 2019

I turned 35 on Tuesday and feel very celebrated. There has been plenty of cake (chocolate, carrot, banoffee pie!), hangouts with friends, and some fun gifts - including a wheel of camembert! This also might explain why this week's offering is a little scant. Nevertheless, for your weekend:

I started listening to the Book Larder podcast this week and am so impressed by the quality of the interviews. Book Larder is a specialty cookbook store in Seattle. I started with the Ruth Reichl episode about her latest memoir.

Side note: I've recently switched from Apple podcasts to Spotify for podcast listening. I am a nerd and was following the acquisition of Gimlet Media by Spotify and was wondering how it'd impact the discoverability of podcasts - something that can be really clunky. So I checked it out. It's much easier to scroll through the archives of podcasts and I've found it to be a better user experience. Nerd alert over.

Two recipes I'm keen to try - Anja Dunk's speedy apple cake via Sophie. And this one-pan Thai curry via Leslie.

And a recipe I can vouch for - green baked eggs from ABC Life. I made this twice in two weeks, that's how delicious the test version came out. I find it hard to eat my five serves of veggies per day  and this recipe definitely helps. Plus it's dinner and brunch friendly!


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