Hello weekend

20 June 2019

Hello! What do you have planned for this weekend? I'm looking forward to lots of little things, like going for a mountain walk with friends, making a bread and butter pudding (with brioche and chocolate ), and visiting a ramen pop-up on Sunday night. I'm also starting the weekend a day early, to make up for some big weeks at work. So excited! Lots of things to share this week:

Times I think people are upset with me. Made me lol.

A gorgeous rental home in Portugal with a flower-filled garden and a tiny fridge. Bonus: reflections on life after an overseas move.

Why Hong Kong is still protesting - an excellent and fascinating explainer from The Daily.

Looks yum and easy - spaghetti with garlic, cheese and lots of kale.

And for after dinner, miniature chocolate pots that take five-minutes to make.

Loved Esther Perel's interview on Conversations. But really, I love anything she says/does.

We watched Juilet, Naked the other night and loved it as a Sunday night flick. It's based on a Nick Hornby book (think High Fidelity, About a Boy) and we watched it with Chinese takeaway and  Messina choc tops. It was so relaxing.

I've been getting back into granola for post-yoga breakfasts at work and can recommend this honey spice version and a comforting old favourite, peanut butter and honey granola.

A creamy sweet potato curry that I turn too when I've had too much pasta. It has lots of good-for-you ingredients, like spinach, chickpeas, ginger and garlic and I love the addition of lime. And at Heidi's recommendation, I've been eating it with noodles instead of rice. Game changer.

Also, Thalia Ho's dark chocolate crinkle cookies are chewy and brownie-like. And the recipe makes 30-plus cookies. Win.

Catch you next week.


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