Hello long weekend

06 June 2019

This week I ended up taking a day trip to Brisbane. It was a big day but there was also seafood, sunshine and filming right by the sea. I also got to record some audio after a year-long break (I'm mainly office based these days!). We're off to Sydney this long weekend for an engagement party and to catch up with family too. It's been awhile since we've been on a holiday, and there are plans for yum cha and gallery hopping. I'm so looking forward to hanging out with friends and am also hoping we'll make it to a favourite cafe for breakfast.  I hope your weekend is lovely, whatever you're up to. Here are a few things to share:

Esther Perel on Death, Sex and Money reflecting on her twenties, thirties and the beauty of intergenerational friendships. This podcast episode lifted my week. Fun fact: The guest interviewer is the actress who played Maeby in Arrested Development!

A wintry lunch for friends (with soup and an upside down cake for dessert!).

I watched Ali Wong's Netflix movie Always Be My Maybe last weekend. It blows my mind that there are American-Asian romantic comedies these days!

Loved this essay on finding happiness, written by an almost 90 year old. A favourite quote included in the piece, from philosopher George Santayana, "To be interested in the changing seasons is a happier state of mind than to be hopelessly in love with spring." Via Erin.

I also enjoyed this interview with blogger Erin Boyle, of Reading My Tea Leaves, on the Hey, Girl podcast. I especially liked her thoughts on opting out when it comes to possessions, expectations and even social media.

Another podcast recommendation that had me thinking about work, serendipity and having the courage to speak your mind.

And a three-cheese pasta bake from Hetty McKinnon, which she describes as a deconstructed spinach and ricotta cannelloni. Yum.

P.S I'll be travelling for work next week and will catch you when I'm back in Canberra!

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