Hello weekend

31 May 2019

This week I embraced all of the winter things, from rugging up and going on bracing walks, to making apple sauce (with cinnamon and brown sugar) to stir into porridge, and squeezing in plenty of couch time. I also blitzed through Educated, after finding a second hand copy for $3. It's such a riveting memoir and quite disturbing in parts.

I'm heading to sunny Brisbane for work next week but before then, we're planning to ride our bikes to a first birthday party (at a brewery!), and tuck into lots of homemade comfort food like curry, pasta soup and chocolate cake. To share:

Lots of TV because it's been cold. I'd heard a lot about Fleabag from friends, blogs and podcasts. I watched the first episode this week (on iView). Tony and I both really liked it and we'll keep watching :)

I've also been dipping into Dead to Me on Netflix after hearing about it on The High Low. It feels a little trashy but it's also addictive and fun.

I found another dream holiday destination. A cabin in the woods just outside of Melbourne with all of the nice things. Obsessed.

This week's work-lunch lifesaver was pesto made with leftover rocket via Lee Tran Lam. We put it on toast, in sambos, and mixed it through salads. Eggs would work too!

There are few things more comforting than a mac and cheese. I have a favourite recipe, but this Nigella version with sweet potato came highly recommended this week.

Finally, two pieces of wisdom that have greatly improved my week, both from Cup of Jo. Last weekend, when I was feeling a bit anxious about some upcoming travel (three trips in two weeks!), I read a comment quoting Gretchen Rubin. "She said, 'Have trouble deciding whether or not to choose a course of action? Like - whether or not to get a dog? Try this: Choose the bigger life.'" So powerful.

And this made me laugh at the end of a long day (which included a 12 hour long headache 😑): "In the words of Lemony Snicket, 'Fate is like a strange, unpopular restaurant filled with odd little waiters who bring you things you never asked for and don't always like.' But sometimes you do like them." One of my colleagues is always coming up with detailed metaphors for things that happen in life and at work, so this made me laugh and think of her. The whole post, about life and all of its surprises is delightful.


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