Hello weekend

26 April 2019

And just like that it's the weekend again :) On Saturday we'll be having Emiko Davies's tortellini with meat sauce for dinner. It's a two-day project that involves making the sauce and leaving it to rest so the flavours can develop. Tomorrow I'll make some fresh pasta and the tortellini filling. We'll also be celebrating my nephew's third birthday with cake (and a toy dinosaur), and meeting a friend's new puppy.

Four quick things to share this week, because the Internet's been down at our place and it's only just been fixed. Fun fact: It was my fault.

A five-minute chocolate pudding that makes me think of Yogo (but is probably healthier).

How beautiful does this mentorship between two bakers sound? It's also a lovely reminder of all the different ways we can check in with the people we love.

I had no idea that Jonathan Van Ness was learning to figure skate but loved the sentiment of this article about why it's so great to watch him learn a new skill, falls and all.

And I made these spiced potato wedges last night and served them with some pan-fried white fish and plenty of lemon. It was so very comforting.


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