Hello weekend

11 April 2019

I spent a good chunk of this week adjusting to both Australian time and daylight savings. It was the best reminder to be kind to myself as I settled back into work/non-holiday life. I've been on the move too, and have just come back from a trip to Sydney where I had dinner with one of my closest friends and gave a (slightly nerve wracking) presentation at work. As always, I am excited for the weekend! We'll be having ragu with friends and Tony's planned a surprise date for Sunday night, which I suspect will be a ramen date :) To share:

I had to choose a iron-free outfit for work recently because I got distracted by this episode of Style Out There from Refinery 29, that's all about Calabasas style.

Another excellent and heartbreaking episode of The Daily that tells the story of one family's story of loss and survival in the Christchurch mosque attacks.

Also from the NY Times - is human contact now a luxury? Made me think about just how much time I spend on my phone.

Erin Lee Carr has just published a memoir about the death of her father, NY Times reporter David Carr. This excerpt details the night he died.

Would love to try this baked apple oatmeal.

Along those lines... how do you cook your porridge? I used this BBC recipe for years, but have switched to soaking my oats the night before. The quest for perfect porridge is seemingly endless.

Been listening to a lot of Without Fail episodes recently, this one about the hunt for the Golden State Killer is especially good.

And I can 100% vouch for this cheesy mushroom tart that's made from six key ingredients. It's quick to make and will leave you with two tarts - one for now and one for later.

Have the best weekend!


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