Sweet things

28 March 2019

Here's a favourite cosy corner of our new place, where I've been watching a lot of Netflix, writing in my journal and eating snacks :) I wanted to share a few cheery things before I head off on holidays at the end of this week...

I started using the Seize the Day planner over the weekend, after hearing about it on Radio Cherry Bombe. It's a 12-week reset, that's focussed on how you want to feel as you go about your days. It's a slightly different take on goal-setting journals (I've tried a year-long one in 2018 but found it hard to maintain), that's based on the premise that most of us know what is good for us but often need a reminder to put that into practice.

The timing is especially good for me - our surprise move and work picking up for the year pushed me into some stressful territory. I'm excited to take a step back from it all, and try to be a bit more thoughtful about my time. Side note: I emailed and bought the PDF version which cost $US10, because the actual journal costs a bomb to ship to Australia.

I love the idea of a Sunday night roast, and this one just past I tested this chicken and plum tray bake from Julia Busuttil Nishimura (of Ostro fame). It's a brand new ABC Life recipe that also breaks down the anatomy of a tray bake, in case you'd like to branch out on your own. I was so looking forward to the meal (and was thinking about it on the way to yoga at 7am!) but also the fact that it was going to be simple to make. Bonus: We had a strawberry and rhubarb crumble in the freezer, a gift from my parents, which made the perfect post-roast dessert.

Queer Eye is back and is the ultimate pick me up! So far I've watched the two episodes featuring women, which both had real tear-jerker moments. Watching them made me see that I too am terrible at accepting help, but needn't be. Just this week, instead of trying to buzz around and do it all, I said yes to Tony making dinner and asked him to organise it another night when I wanted to jump in the shower instead. No regrets.

And finally, holiday planning! We'll be heading off to Hong Kong soon and I've been collecting tips from all over the place. My former workmate Alkira sent through a five-page document of all her favourite food places (from soupy dumplings to where to buy the best roast goose). And Lena sent me a copy of her book How to Hong Kong, an illustrated travel journey, which I'll definitely be packing for context, story and inspiration. Right now, I am reading tons of blog posts about packing but not actually doing any packing :) Here are my faves from Leslie, Jordan and Caroline.

I'll be taking a break while we're over there to soak up all of the food, atmosphere, and art so catch you here again soon. X

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