Hello weekend

28 February 2019

I'm starting to get excited about our move. I've been daydreaming about the first meal I'll make in our new place and a friend is going to give me some seedlings from her garden when we're settled. I'm also looking forward to having a bedroom that doesn't face a main street (first time in almost 10 years!), and silly things like having a shelf in the shower.

We'll have our hands full with packing this weekend but we'll take a break to ride our bikes to the Night Noodle Markets, which always has a lovely atmosphere (and delicious food). We also have friends visiting from Wagga Wagga, and it'll be so nice to see them. For your weekend:

A favourite crepe recipe, found online after I reached for The Little Library cookbook only to realise that I'd packed it.

Lily Allen is the latest guest on Dolly Alderton's podcast Love Stories.

A green smoothie with apple and peanut butter. Yum!

How to host a dinner party in a small space. Also, tablecloth envy.

Olivia Colman's Oscar speech was so funny and sweet.

I needed this: What happens when you put in 97% effort instead of 100%.

And a Netflix show to zone out to - Dating Around follows a NY single on five blind dates. It cleverly cuts between them (they all take place at the same restaurant), and it is so awkward at times.

I'm going to take a short break while we pack everything and move at the end of next week.

Speak soon and take care.


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