Hello weekend

15 February 2019

This week ebbed and flowed. Some days I felt flat for no reason, other days were extremely busy with work. On not-so-flash days it helped to make some plans for the weekend. On the agenda, making a belated birthday present and road tripping to a nearby farm for some fresh produce. It's starting to cool down so I'm thinking about quiches and curries. To share:

For a good dose of joy and wisdom, I cannot recommend this episode of Death, Sex & Money enough - an interview with poet Nikki Giovanni.

My favourite part of Michelle Obama's Grammy appearance.

Clicked on a house tour, got way more than I bargained for. The story of this family with teens cheered up a stressful afternoon. (Doughnut holes helped too).

Been eating lots of red onion lately, which is how I discovered watermelon mints! Sounds a little strange but I promise they're good.

And the very best tomato pasta recipe that I've been dying to share! I tested it for work a couple of weeks ago, and had it again this week. I love that it's a delicious weeknight dinner and worthy of a special occasion too. I roast the tomatoes on the weekend and chuck them in the fridge so I can make this on a weeknight in 15 minutes flat.

I am convinced the linguini would pair well with these mini chocolate fondants. Maybe I still have Valentine's Day on the brain :)

Catch you next week.


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