Hello weekend

11 January 2019

Do you have much planned for the second weekend of 2019? After last Saturday's quick trip to Sydney, I'm looking forward to doing regular weekend things nice and slow. I'll be heading back to the markets, slow roasting some tomatoes for a pasta sauce, and maybe baking a giant lamington :)

The start of my year has been quieter than usual, quite deliberately. I've just started to listen to podcasts again but am trying not to have something on constantly. Same goes with lunch breaks, I'm experimenting with eating and nothing more - no reading blog posts (my fave!) or scrolling through Instagram. It's been really nice and contemplative.

To share:

I loved Alison Roman's How to Eat in 2019 for her real-life take on having people round for dinner.

10 ingredients to always have on hand.

We powered through this podcast series about Bikram yoga (and the man behind it) on our way to Sydney and back. It reminded me of Missing Richard Simmons in part (which I loved) and went to some unexpected places. Highly recommend.

One of my favourite ABC Life recipes to date, mango and haloumi tacos = summer in a taco. I'll be making this again and again until the mangoes are no more. Side note: I usually prefer flour tortillas (they're so soft and chewy) but this brand of corn tortillas are changing my mind.

And we saw The Favourite at the movies and loved it - it's almost as kooky as the trailer. So tonight we're going to watch The Lobster from the same director on Netflix :)

Catch you next week!

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