Hello weekend

31 January 2019

What are you up to this weekend? We're going to try for a bike ride and taco date on Saturday night because Tony's on the early train to Sydney on Sunday. It's been a long time since I've been home alone (I'm usually the one that leaves!) but I'm planning to keep busy.  On my list of fun things to do - a yin yoga class, breakfast at the markets, mint choc chip ice cream, Free Solo and this yoghurt and onion pasta. Not sure if I can fit it all in around work but I'm going to give it a shot :) To share:

From the NY Times, how to build a modern pantry. Mine is somewhere between an expanded and expert pantry!

Loved this perspective on work from communications strategist Natalie Guevara: "The time spent in the office fretting about something fairly minuscule is better spent out in the world, meeting people, and having real-life conversations. There were so many nights I wasted obsessing over every email left in my inbox, or drafting and redrafting a press release. I could have been meeting with journalists, business contacts, mentors, or people doing things I want to learn more about."

Been eating this lemony porridge with peanut butter for breakfast all week.

I am super late to the party but I started listening to Sooo Many White Guys this week and the theme song alone was enough to crack me up. My fave was this episode with Constance Wu, who played Rachel in the Crazy Rich Asians film. Phoebe's interview with NPR host Terry Gross touches on so many interesting aspects of building a career and making a choice about having a family. I also loved the small acts of revolution at the end.

Speaking of Crazy Rich Asians, here's a look at how the costumes were chosen. Fascinating to know that the actors often had a big say.

Finally, it'll be Chinese New Year's Eve on Monday. I'm contemplating making steamed buns for the occasion, either traditional barbecue pork or carrot buns that looks a smidge easier. I also love the tradition of long life noodles (they used to be my favourite dish at wedding banquets), and Hetty McKinnon has a recipe for mushroom and sesame noodles that happen to be vegan.

Have a lovely weekend!

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