Hello weekend

18 January 2019

This latest heatwave has had been reaching into the archives for my favourite summer recipes, like this refreshing green smoothie, a slightly caffeinated blueberry and green tea smoothie, and easy banana fro-yo (with double the amount of yoghurt for extra creaminess).I hope you have a lovely weekend ahead! It's starting to cool down here, and soon we'll be packing for our annual beach holiday - I don't head back to work til after the Australia Day long weekend :)

For your weekend:

Cute and funny - Samin Nosrat tries to invent a viral chicken recipe. (NY Times)

"This is a season of your life."

The case for trading sorry for thank you. I'd like to try it.

Loved this take on hitting reset for yourself, and yourself alone at the start of the year.

And a satisfying summer salad (with cheese) that requires zero heat. Pictured above.


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