Hello weekend

14 December 2018

We celebrated Tony's birthday last night, with a pasta feast he made for friends. So tonight, we'll be tucking into leftover pasta and red wine and finally watching BlacKkKlansman. I can't wait. And then tomorrow I'll be making a pavlova roll with raspberries to take to my friend Sarah's place for our annual Christmas gathering! Should be delicious. Some fun things to share:

Make your own after dinner mints (minus the foil packet!). 

Tony asks for the same birthday cake every year - an unbaked cheesecake. I normally make this one but decided to do something a little fancier this year and made mini cheesecakes with white chocolate, strawberries and rose water. They were a hit.

I really liked this interview with Osher Gunsberg about getting yourself out of a rut. Especially this line, "When it comes to work, the why morphs slightly from being the 'best' to being the most professional he can be."

If you're catching up on podcasts, I can recommend this episode of This is Love, featuring a snail love story. Also, a very inspiring interview from Without Fail.

And this week's ABC Life recipe is awesome! It's a salad salsa that could a fun starter - or you could just eat it with chips for dinner like we did on Monday night. Highly recommend.

Catch you next week!

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