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06 December 2018

Hello from Melbourne, where I'm slowly nailing the tram situation and eating a lot of delicious food :) How has your week been? I've been here since Tuesday for a little holiday, accompanying Tony who's down for a conference. We're going out for pasta tonight (finally got a booking here), and I've been stocking up on American cookbooks and checking out as many bakeries as I can (current count: four in three days!). Some fun things to share:

Anna Jones's vegetarian top 10, just in time for end of year entertaining.

Speaking of, I learnt a lot editing this piece about cooking for vegans from Hetty McKinnon. Biggest takeaway? Vegan food is everyday food - especially when it comes to staples like pasta, legumes, and olive oil. Need a dish for this Christmas? She shared a vegan potato salad recipe and it's yum!

If you're a fan of the NY Times column Modern Love, may I introduce you to Tiny Love Stories, sent in by readers. I loved the one about the baby outfit!

Grace Lee, an Australian illustrator with an eye for joy, has a collection with Uniqlo!!! It was one of my first stops in Melbourne, I bought this shirt and can't wait to wear it to meetings :p

I experienced insane hayfever today so retreated to the aircon of our Airbnb after lunch and watched the Gaga doco on Netflix and loved it. 

Two kind of Christmasy things... an alternative festive playlist made up of songs from Woody Allen films. And my friend Angie put me onto the show Travel Man, and this episode in Hong Kong made me laugh! It co starts Jon Hamm.

And we went to a Christmas/Hanukkah party last Sunday, where there were bagels, jam doughnuts and twin babies to cuddle! I came away obsessed with latkes and want to try this recipe, recommended by Leslie. Our friends served theirs with a dijon mayo. I would eat them with basically anything!

Have a wonderful weekend and catch you soon, with a few Melbourne notes.

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