Hello weekend

09 November 2018

I am settling in for a long weekend... one that I made myself :) It'll be a little holiday at home. I'm hoping to make it to a Sunday night yin class (my new obsessions), try this mushroom carbonara (it has no pasta but still looks great!), and have plans to go swimming with friends. For your weekend: 

My new girl crush is Alison Roman. And I haven't even made her famous cookies yet!

"I'm 34 and at a point where instead of thinking of what I have done I often, unfortunately, think about the things I haven't done yet." Curious to read Abbi Jacobson's new book.

This mini episode of Hurry Slowly was the best way to start my Thursday. I'm actually planning to re-listen to it soon. It's all about being kinder to yourself, and not always having a plan.

Plus, an easy frittata with peas, eggs and cheese. I've made this for dinner and for work lunches, which means I just need to try it out for breakfast. Might do it tomorrow morning :) 

Have the best weekend!


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