Hello weekend

23 November 2018

It's positively wintry in Canberra right now, with freezing winds and grey skies. And it's perfect for a cosy weekend at home! I'm planning to make this one-pan chicken, olive and couscous dish for dinner on Saturday night with a baked cherry dessert. I may or may not pretend I'm part of Thanksgiving celebrations, with the cold weather and delicious food. A few favourite things from this week:

Mariah Carey has a new album (!) and it's catchy and fun. My brother Derrick sent it my way (which made me smile cos he hosts a music show on an indie radio station in London!).

I bought Michelle Obama's book as an audio book and love it - it's so affirming and I love going for walks with her :)

Something else that's making me happy - I found Molly Yeh's US cooking show online. For fellow Molly fans, she's having a baby next year!

This could be the ultimate Christmas cookie, which combines the festive flavours of fruit cake with chocolate chip cookies. Trust me, it works. My boss made them and I ate at least three.

Speaking of work, this week's ABC Life recipe is one of my faves, I'll be making it again soon! It's a spicy-ish chicken burrito with a crunchy kale and corn slaw and cheese. When I first saw the photos, I assumed it'd be hard, but it's not! It's not a quick meal but you can make the slaw while the chicken cooks and it fed us three times over.

Have the nicest weekend!


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