Hello weekend

02 November 2018

Hello! I am freshly back from Sydney where I was lucky enough to see friends for dinner, sample a rooftop yoga studio, eat an amazing matcha ice cream sandwich... and go to work! On my final day in the office, there was a surprise Q&A with Rukmini Callimachi from the Caliphate podcast. I loved hearing about the making of the podcast, and of course, her voice IRL.

As always, after a few nights away, I'm stoked to be home in time for the weekend. I'll be going to the markets, cooking something from scratch and reading. To share for your weekend:

This Canberra Instagrammer, who is responsible for my current obsession with this wilderness hotel.

The Layers style podcast is back!

Keen to try these mini chocolate pavlovas.

Trail mix cookies with some sweet thoughts on making your own magic.

Do you read birth stories? I'll always have a read if it's written by a woman I follow online. It's such a privilege to read their accounts and experiences. This week I read this story from Heidi, about the birth of her son Walt. I admire her intuition and trust in her own body.

We had our first properly hot day in Canberra on Thursday. So it could be time to have a go at homemade ice magic!

And because we've finished watching Salt Fat Acid Heat and I miss it, I've been eagerly consuming lots of Samin Nosrat content! This beauty interview was especially nice, and I love the photo from the trolley scene at the very end. I'm also listening to Lee Tran Lam's interview with her, which is pretty delightful.

Chat soon!


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