Emergency snack - tuna crackers with pickles and cheese

05 November 2018

I get hungry very quickly. During the week, I'm limited to the fruit and nuts I take to work but on weekends and just before dinner, I love being able to fix a snack with more ingredients at my disposal.

On high rotation at the moment, greek yoghurt with mangoes and golden syrup (hooray for mango season!), and a tuna cracker with cottage cheese, pickled onions and pepper, which always tides me over til the next meal. On toast, it makes a decent lunch or late night dinner. And the pickled onions make it seem fancy enough to serve as a starter to guests.

Tuna cracker with pickles and cheese

You'll need:

Crackers, any kind will do or a thick slice of bread.
Cottage cheese or ricotta
Tuna in olive oil, drained
Pickled red onion, I use this recipe

Here's how:

Spread cottage cheese over your cracker or slice of toast and then crumble some tuna on top. Top with pickled onions and freshly cracked pepper and enjoy.

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