Hello weekend

05 October 2018

We're going away this weekend and are heading to the Blue Mountains for Tony's cousin's wedding. I'm excited to get away and am secretly hoping to do our weekly shop at this cute farm store. I hope you've had a great short week, some good and slightly confronting things to share:

Did you see the profile of Leigh Sales in Good Weekend? I found it super surprising and hear her interview on Conversations is excellent too.

I learnt so much from editing this story - the benefits of quitting social media.

This week I've been deeply disturbed by the Brett Kavanaugh story in the US and hungry for more information. The video of Jeff Flake being confronted by two sexual assault survivors in a lift is so powerful and upsetting. I was grateful to hear the testimony of Dr Blasey Ford on The Daily, and the follow-up episode The Anguish of Jeff Flake features an interview with one of the women who confronted the senator. Highly recommend, even if both are tough listens.

I also really liked this from Laura - How to talk to the women in your life right now.

I sampled Alex Blumberg's new podcast Without Fail (thank you to Chiara who suggested it in the comments) and think I'll keep listening. It's an interview show that features successful people - in business, sport, and the arts - talking about their big wins and their failures too. Love that the season will include artists as well as company founders.

On a totally different note, pad thai fans (aka me) this noodle salad is heavily inspired by it but far less heavy and greasy. It's vego with vegan options too and I'll definitely be making it again. It's satisfying and light.

And the perfect diary for 2019 - if only I could settle on a colour! Wes Anderson mauve or sunny yellow?

Keep well and catch you next week.


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