Hello weekend

21 September 2018

Just six things to share because the week's been full of surprises. On Wednesday afternoon I found myself in Sydney, watching the sunset over the city from up high. There was a matcha and white choc chip cookie scoffed at the airport on my way home, and then a reunion with my friend Larissa who was visiting from Launceston. We used to share an office, and some very long car trips, when we both worked in Wagga Wagga and it was so nice to see her. I hope you have a lovely weekend ahead! To share:

High on my to bake list - this salted caramel slice.

Garance Dore on depression (and anti-depressants).

Finished this book in less than a week. So gripping.

Love the idea of a prawn risotto that serves just one for the next time I'm home alone.

I'm not usually one for poems but I heard The Inheritance by Stephen Dunn on Dispatch to a Friend and went back to read it too.

And one of my favourite ABC Life recipes to date - a white chocolate and raspberry scone. We have one left in our freezer and I'm sure we'll fight over it tomorrow morning :)

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