Hello long weekend

28 September 2018

I am so excited for the long weekend. We have two things planned, a surprise date (for Tony) and a trip to Gibraltar Falls. Everything else is up in the air. I might test recipes, check out the Japanese Film Festival, or just keep listening to Slow Burn season 2, because it's so good. Also, there's a new season of Chef's Table! Going to try and not watch it all at once. For your long weekend:

Christina Tosi's mum is the cutest.

On being open about your mental health at work.

Such a dreamy light-filled kitchen! I want the t-shirt too :)

I made this jam tart and it was so simple and satisfying. If you're keen to try it, I used a jar of jam for the filling, baked the pastry shell for around 18-20 minutes, and the tart with the jam for around 15 minutes.

Excited about listening to No Feeling Is Final, a brave new podcast about what it's like when the thoughts inside your head are often too much.

And just in time for the long weekend (and the footy finals, if you're into that!), this week's ABC Life recipe is a chargrilled cheeseburger from Raph Rashid. It reminds me of a Shake Shack style burger, minus the peanut butter shake.

Have a relaxing break!

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