Hello (long) weekend

06 September 2018

I'm posting a bit early this week because we're about to head to the coast for a long weekend. We're celebrating our fourth wedding anniversary and plan to make pizzas in our Airbnb, drink loads of  coffee and sit by the sea. But first, we're going out for a pork knuckle at a favourite local cafe. Cute, huh?

In lots of ways, I feel like our wedding day was a little preview of things to come. It was so much fun, overwhelming in parts (walking down the aisle! Seeing all of our friends and family!), and a totally uplifting experience. While the joy isn't as extreme in everyday life, it's definitely there. And it is endlessly comforting.

Only a handful of things to share:

When Obama checks your homework.

Two new books that I can't wait to read - a book about joy and where to find it and Bill Cunningham's secret memoir, Fashion Climbing.

How I Work, a new Australian podcast I've been listening to this week. I especially enjoyed this interview with Rachel Botsman, which came highly recommended by Sophie.

A recipe for Hetty McKinnon's pumpkin and lentil salad with honey-miso dressing, which also happens to be the very first recipe I commissioned and tested for ABC Life :)

And The High Low is back!! Can't wait to dig in.

Catch you next week!


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