A list for the weekend

27 September 2018

A couple of weeks ago we cancelled our weekend plans because Tony was sick and I had a weepy eye (real life right here!). So, with nothing on, I started jotting down some fun things I'd like to do instead, no errands allowed.

There were 12 things on there that first weekend, and to my surprise I got to all but one. I'm two weekends into writing a short list of fun things and I'm loving it. The activities can be small - like visiting a new bakery to pick up some bread (and a lemon tart with cloud-like meringue), watching a movie on Netflix that you've had on your list for ages, or having a BBQ dinner. For me, the act of writing it down reminds me that it's something I'd really like to do.

I've often admired bloggers like Joy who make a bucket list for an entire season but I find them a little daunting. So for now, I'm running with a week by week one  :)

P.S Almost the long weekend!

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