Hello weekend

31 August 2018

I made one really good call this week. Midway through the week I left work on time, instead of trying to finish a million last minute things. Home alone, I put on a funny soundtrack and made spaghetti and a salad for dinner. It sounds small but I was super chilled out by the time Tony got home. This week I've been listening to Caliphate (truly amazing journalism) and finished reading Less. I'll miss it! For your weekend:

How to make a kitchen altar.

A winning pear tart from Hetty McKinnon's new cookbook.

On managing the tricky balance between work and who we really are.

Adore this series on single women and their spaces. Every now and then I daydream about what my apartment would look like if I could choose all of the things.

Plus some recipes I worked on for ABC Life recently - the pink grapefruit drizzle cake from this post (note the instructions for getting a bundt cake out, inspired by my mishap), and a grilled cheese sandwich with jalapeno cream.

P.S - Here's an update on how I went with my daily vacations this week. On Monday I started a new podcast, on Tuesday I went for a lunch break walk with a friend. Wednesday featured lunch and a hot chocolate from my favourite cafe. I planned to walk through town and buy a gift on Thursday but lucked out with a lift home instead. So I went with some extra nice face stuff at night (mainly birthday exfoliant and fancy face oil). And today's vacation was homemade burgers, beer and my very first  attempt at barbecuing! We lost one patty but it was worth it.

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