Hello weekend

24 August 2018

Hope you had a great week, though how zany has the news been? We just spent the last hour catching up and I almost forgot to write to you here, for the first time ever. But onto the weekend. I have some really fun things planned, including a girl date with my sister and her daughter. On the agenda: an afternoon carousel ride and then cake and tea at this super cute cafe. And on Sunday, I'm going to the Canberra Writers Festival, which should be really fun. Things to share:

So keen to try Rachel Khoo's Swedish meatballs.

Do you ever worry about being overdressed? I always stress about what to wear when I go to Sydney for work.

Enjoyed this episode of Radio Cherry Bombe featuring UK cooks Anna Jones and Melissa Hemsley.

Loved this snapshot of a gear shift and feel like it can apply to so many situations where our expectations can change for the better. Also, we are now having pizza for dinner as a result.

A recent lunchtime read, on rebranding motherhood. Mamas, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

I probably recommend every other episode of How To Be A Girl but this one is especially moving, and builds empathy so beautifully.

One reason I'm super excited to see Crazy Rich Asians when it comes out in cinemas next week. I've also read and loved all three books. My friend Kristy put me onto them years ago. The first one is hilarious as an audio book, and I read the most recent one on the plane home from Darwin last year. I must've been super engrossed because when we landed the  woman sitting next to me wanted to know what it was all about.

And this week I've been loving Alone Time, by New York Times travel writer Stephanie Rosenbloom. Over a year, she travels for a week at a time overseas and by herself. She writes about her time in Paris, Florence and Istanbul with a bonus staycation in New York. It's part travel writing, part exploration of how our perception of life and moments change when we're on our own.

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